Licensing Agreement

Licensing and rights should be simple. Please read below the legal ways to use use your new download.

Approved usage for assets

You have right to use our assets royalty free for your and/or your client’s personal and/or commercial projects.

Unapproved usage for assets

You do not have the rights to redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license, or offer the file downloaded to any third party.

End User Licensing Agreement

This is an agreement between you, the purchaser and licensee, and Design Shtuff, an Amusing Inc. Company.

By purchasing and installing or otherwise handling the digital software (hereafter “Assets”), you accept the terms of this agreement. If you do not accept the terms, you can not download or request or use any Design Shtuff Assets.

You are granted one (1) license to use the Assets on devices within your organization. You are not receiving the ownership of the copyright to the design or any other part of the Assets, but the rights to use the Assets as specified in this agreement. “Within your organization” means usage inside your company or organization.

You shall not redistribute, resell, lease, license, and/or sub-license the Assets to people outside of your organization or any other third party. You may not distribute, lend, rent, sell, give away, publicly or privately share any modified or unmodified version of the Assets.

You are granted with a perpetual license to use the Assets as part of your texts and/or marketing activity (including but not limited to, printed materials, logos, websites, marketing materials, events).

It is prohibited to use the Assets in any context promoting non renewable resources and/or actively working against nature conservation and the wellbeing of our planet and future generations. It is prohibited to use the Assets in any racist, homophobic, sexist or in general discriminating and hateful context. If you purchase a license for a project for any of the fields stated in this paragraph, you are not allowed to use the Assets, and you are not receiving a refund.

If you do experience any difficulties with our Assets, we will look into the problem and hopefully send you a fixed version immediately. Without derogating from the above, we do not guarantee that the Font files work perfectly on every platform, operating system, etc.

Any usage of the Assets are on your own risk. Design Shtuff is not responsible for any legal issues that may occur with your usage of the Assets.

All purchases are final. However, if you have purchased the wrong asset, please get in touch for a possible exchange.

Any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement may terminate your license to use the Assets. If you fail to cure the breach within thirty (30) days, the agreement will be terminated. After any termination of the agreement, within a reasonable time, you must destroy any copies of the Assets, including your archival copies. 

All Assets created by Design Shtuff, both for retail and commission, original or customised, is property of Design Shtuff. This includes customised and/or custom characters and letters in both installable Font files as well as outlined artwork.

Any and all rights reserved ©Design Shtuff, an Amusing Inc. Company.