Favorite Free Resources for 2022

Favorite Free Resources for 2022

Hey Ü,
Wanted to take a few minutes to collect and share our top 5 favorite FREE resources that we are using for early 2022. Some of these we end up using almost daily, soooo check 'em out, and let us know which ones you're diggin'.

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1. TheNounProject.com

Over 3 million icons to communicate any idea.
Available as PNG or SVG, this awesome database of icons is free to use as long as you attribute the creator. If you want full creative freedom and no requirements, there is a completely unrestricted plan for around $35/year. The purchases support contributing artists and their ultimate goal is to build a graphic design language that bridges typical language barriers and unites us all. So what's not to like about that.

The Noun Project - Design Shtuff

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2. Unsplash.com

Free-ly Usable Images – Photos from Creators Everywhere
Maybe a no-brainer for many in the creative field, this easy to use and completely free platform allows you search, download, and use beautiful photos. The images are free for personal or commercial use. We end up using them a lot for client pitch decks, mockups, and so much more.

Unsplash - Design Shtuff

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3. ColorHunt.co

Hand-picked color palettes free to use on your next project.
Color Hunt is a great little tool we like to use during our branding projects. We like to search with a specific key color or sometimes use the keywords on the left sidebar for inspiration. If you create a free profile, it's easy to save palettes for later use as well. 

Color Hunt

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4. Online-Barcode-Generator.net

Free Online Barcode Generator
This tool is great for packaging design projects and works with so many types of barcodes. (like a loooot) You can pick the size, colors and details of the end product in the set up screen, then export a EPS, PDF, PNG, or SVG. 

Online Barcode Generator

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5. IGfonts.io

Rad unicode based font generator
Ever wonder how influencers are getting cool fonts in their social media descriptions?! Well here ya go. Just type in a phrase and copy your desired option. This one is less a design tool, but it was too fun not to share.

IG Fonts - Design Shtuff

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If you have any awesome resources that weren't listed above, please share in the comments below.


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